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Celebrating after a great installation on reveal day in toronto

Brand  Philosophies


If you cannot reduce, re-use. If you cannot re-use, recycle, sell or donate. If none of those work, then dispose. There's only one planet Earth and we want to be apart of the solution when it comes to minimizing waste. We take this very seriously at NDC. We help clients find a second life for items that no longer work in their home. 

We don't believe in beating around the bush when it comes to important decisions. Interior Design is a process, and in the end, everyone involved has the same goal in mind. So, transparency is a policy that works best if things pop up or problems need to be solved. We want our clients to be comfortable enough to be honest and open with their opinions. And, we will be too. 


Most design firms have a niche or specific client they want to work with. We don't. We prefer to act like chameleons. We love the challenge of swaying between styles. Plus, we enjoy catering the service each client gets to their wants and needs - some want to joke around, while others prefer a luxury experience - we can do both. 

They say "hope for the best, but plan for the worst". And, we do. Sometimes everything can be planned out perfectly, but life AND design throw curveballs at you. We try to foresee challenges and get ahead of them to ensure a smooth process for our clients. When we can't, we stop and assess thing in a strategic way to make calculated decisions on how to move forward.




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The  Girl   That  Answers  Your  Call...
&   Designs  Your Home...


  • Expert in creating function in complex, small or odd spaces

  • Professional problem solver

  • Driven by information

  • Determined to make the spaces around us functional, organized and jaw-dropping-ly stylish.

virtual interior designer, edesign, remote design, toronto, ontario, canada

Personal  Philosophies


Do something you love & you'll... never work a day in your life! work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week! But, I love it. Deadlines are taken very seriously. Your time, your budget, you vision, your experience with us, are all things that I aim to prioritize during a project. 

I am a firm believer in always doing what's right, even when it has no benefit for yourself. I pride myself in the fact that even when no eyes are watching, I do things to the best of my ability and for the greater good of the world.

If you are asking my opinion on a piece you saw or to explain whether an idea will work for within the budget or not, you will always get a truthful response. I will always explain my response with respect and in detail, but I've found this helps clients see the topic in a new way and then together we can reassess the idea.  


My lists have lists. I'm a firm believer in systems & processes, and mine have been developed from the ground up through trial and error. Every now and then my brain formulates a new method of how to do something faster, better and more economical and this benefits us and our clients!

Function is something I look for in every area of my own life. Living and working in Toronto, with all the old houses and endless number of smaller and smaller condos hitting the market, I've become an expert in creating function for clients and their fast paced lifestyles in the big city.





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